Custom Printed Paper Lids – An Australian First for Cup & Carry

By Lachlan Peter / September 02 2022

At Cup & Carry we are dedicated to bringing our community the latest in sustainable packaging innovation whilst putting brands in the spotlight with our custom printing capability.

As an Australian first we have developed a paper lid that will give businesses the very best in quality, brand exposure and sustainability.

Custom printing on coffee cups is far from a new initiative with many businesses using their cup real estate to promote their brand, express their individualism and establish their corporate identity. Lids on the other hand seem to have been left behind in the custom printing conversation… until now!

We are so excited to add to our product range – Australia’s first custom printable paper lid!

Other than the obvious, what makes this lid special?

  1. Its Kerbside Recyclable!
    Creating a circular economy is super important to us at Cup & Carry which is why we are proud to say that our new lids can be recycled through kerbside mixed recycling bins! This gives every paper lid the opportunity to have a second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth and even seventh life as other valuable paper products.

  2. Proudly Australian Made
    Every lid is printed and formed in our own factory in Brompton, South Australia. This gives us the ability to create and dispatch custom orders in no time at all, with no long overseas wait times! As always, at Cup & Carry we are all about making custom printing easy, fast and fun so enjoy the same simple online ordering process with a super speedy 7 day turnaround.

  3. Premium Quality
    Each lid fits snugly with a tight ‘click on’ seal to ensure there are no messy spills. Our lids have gone through and passed our vigorous and industry leading testing, passing with flying colours! Our paper lids are made of strong and durable material so there is no sogging effect when sipping away at your hot flat white!

  4. Affordable Sustainable Lid Option
    We have worked hard to bring a sustainable packaging option to the market that doesn’t break the bank.

We are super excited about this lid and what it will bring to our customers, community, and environment.
If you want to be among the first businesses in Australia to be using custom printed and recyclable paper lids, get in touch with our team or order direct from our website!


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