Best Custom Printed Packaging Designs of 2022 (Staff Picks)

By Lachlan Peter / December 15 2022

Each year our customers are pushing the limits of their branding, creativity… and our machines! We love to see businesses putting their packaging to work and showcasing their brands message and personality in a fun and sustainable way.

2022 has been no exception and the designs we have custom printed this year have been outstanding! It was no easy task, but the Cup & Carry team has pulled together a top 10 favorite prints of the year list! - In no particular order...


1. Hemingways Brewery – Grease Resistant PaperHemingways Brewery - Custom GR Paper

2. The Harvest Ground – Grease Resistant Paper, Cups & Delivery BagsThe Harvest Ground - Custom Printed cups, bags and food wraps


3. Maugers Meats – Junior Bag & Takeaway BagMaugers Meats - Custom Printed Delivery Bags


4. Good Juju Café – 8/12oz Cups

Good JuJu Cafe - Custom Printed Cups

5. Nugg Lyf - Grease Resistant Paper

Nugg Lyf - Custom Printed GR Paper

6. Feel Good Ink – Cups 12/16oz Cups

Feel Good Ink - Custom Printed Cups


7. MECCA – Tissue Paper

MECCA - Custom Printed Tissue Paper


8. Milk Lab – 8oz Cups

Milk LAB - Custom Printed Cups


9. Aravina Estate – 1 & 2 Bottle Wine BagsAravina Estate - Custom Printed Wine Bags


Bickford's – 8oz Cups

Bickford's - Custom Printed Cups