Landscape Bag

Total price: $97.63
Price per carton 7425
Product Description

These medium sized carry bags with a paper twist handle hold up to 13kg. They are a perfect retail option for multiple items due to the landscape style. These paper carry bags are recyclable, compostable and reusable. Custom printing available in small (or large) quantities.

To custom print this bag click here.

  • Strong, holds up to 13kgs
  • Recyclable

  • Benefits:
  • Medium size allows for packing different products
  • Stands upright on counter for easy filling
  • Packed flat for easy storage

    This is perfect for:

  • Shoe Boxes, Clothing, Throw Rugs, Handbags

  • Product Details:
    Size: H30 W38 D12cm
    Carry Weight: Up to 13kgs
    Material: Kraft

    Packing Details:
    Sold per Carton of 150 units.
    Carton Dimensions are 600mm L x 400mm W x 420mm H.
    Carton Weight is 12.6kgs.