Wooden Cutlery Packs

Total price: $88.00
Price per carton 8800
Product Description

A perfect alternative to disposable plastic cutlery, the Wooden Cutlery Pack features coated Fork, Knife & Napkin.

The wooden cutlery is also coated with food-safe, non-toxic plant-based carnauba wax


All of our products are either compostable, recyclable or both! These wooden cutlery packs are commercially compostable.

Made from 100% sustainably sourced Birchwood making them 2025 compliant.

  • Pack contains Wooden Knife, Fork and Napkin
  • Made from sustainably sourced Birchwood
  • Strong and sturdy construction 
  • Envrionmentally sustainable
  • Safe for hot & cold foods
  • Commercially compostable
  • Food grade certified 


This is perfect for:

Cold & hot meals, events, festivals, takeaway food.