Large Dome Lid 425ml

Total price: $81.40
Price per carton 8140
Product Description

Our PET lids are made from premium quality crystal clear PET and are 100% recyclable in kerbside recycling systems. Coupled with matching cup, they are ideal for cold drinks, milkshakes, thick shakes and smoothies, chilled desserts, fruit salads, confectionary and more. Choose from a complimentary Flat or Dome Lid. 100% BPA free.

  • Constructed of quality 100% recyclable PET
  • Securely attaches to cup
  • Domed to take higher ingredients
  • Lid hole allows for spoons or scoops for slushies, frozen drinks & desserts

  • Benefits:
  • Crystal clear transparency for premium presentation of food and beverage
  • Packed in sleeves for convenience and easy access

  • Suitable for:
  • Frozen and Chilled Liquid Contents

  • This is perfect for:
    Fresh Juice, Slush Drinks, Iced Coffee, Alcohol, Beer, Soft Drinks

    Product Details:
    Rim Diameter: 92mm
    Material: Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET)

    Packing Details:
    Sold per Carton of 1000 units.
    Carton Dimensions are 530mm L x 420mm W x 315mm H.
    Carton Weight is 5.1 kgs.