#22 Short Paper Twist Handle - Custom Print

Total price: $273.16
Price per carton 21108
Product Description

These medium sized carry bags with a paper twist handle hold up to 13kg. They are a perfect option for multiple items. Paper bags are recyclable, compostable and reusable

  • Strong, holds up to 13kgs
  • Recyclable

  • Benefits:
  • Medium size allows for packing different products
  • Stands upright on counter for easy filling
  • Packed flat for easy storage

    This is perfect for:

  • Shoe Boxes, Clothing, Throw Rugs, Handbags

  • Product Details:
    Size: H30 W38 D12cm
    Carry Weight: Up to 13kgs
    Material: Kraft

    Packing Details:
    Sold per Carton of 250 units.
    Carton Dimensions are 600mm L x 400mm W x 420mm H.
    Carton Weight is 12.6kgs.