About Cup & Carry

      • How can I contact Cup & Carry?

        If your question is not answered in the FAQs below, you can contact us on (03) 9590 9137 between 9am-5pm AEST Monday to Friday or send an email.

      • Where are you located?

        We are a Melbourne-based company, with manufacturing sites in Australia, Vietnam and China.

      • Where are the cups and bags made?

        Our cups and our Single colour bags are made in Australia. Our Full colour and Ready made bags are made in China and Australia.

    Product Information

      • Are the cups and bags environmentally friendly and very safe to use?

        All of the raw materials used in our cups and bags are ethically sourced from sustainable forests. Our cups and bags are made from paper and board in plants with global food safety and quality accreditation. All bags are fully recyclable and we are currently trialing the first full recyclable cups which will hopefully be available in the new year. 

      • What is the best paper type for my bags - Premium White or Kraft Brown?

        This depends on your brand and the finished product you desire. For an environmentally friendly or rustic look, Kraft Brown bags are best, but if you want a premium look then the Premium White bags are a better option. Reproduction of colours and final print quality varies depending on the paper type you choose. Our Print Quality Alert provides you with information on likely variations in print colour and quality. You are required to acknowledge your understanding and acceptance of this before placing an order.

      • What is the different between full colour, single colour and Ready made bags and full colour and Ready made cups?

        You can easily compare our different cup and bag options by viewing the comparison tables available on the Our Range page.

      • Can I get a sample?

        We cannot provide samples of your custom-designed products. However, we can send you a product sample pack which includes a range of cups and bags. If you would like us to send you a product sample pack send a request here. Please allow 5 days for delivery. 

    Ordering Information

      • How do I get a quote?

        Pricing is generated automatically on our website. Once you select your product, size and quantity the price will be displayed. You can vary your selections to adjust the price.

      • Why can I only order cups and bags in multiples of 250?

        Our standard quantities are based on the most economical price for short-run cups and bags, taking into consideration manufacturing and shipping requirements.

      • How do I place an order?

        It's easy to place an order. Simply follow the step-by-step prompts on our website. Start by clicking the ADD TO ORDER button on the Create a Cup or Create a Bag page. You will have the opportunity to edit your design and quantity at stages throughout the checkout process.

    Our design & print process

      • Does the design tool work on a mobile phone?

        The Cup & Carry website is mobile responsive, however, the online design tool can only be operated from a laptop or desktop computer.

      • Why am I having trouble with the design tool?

        The Cup & Carry website uses the latest technology for customising and previewing cups and bags. It is recommended you operate the site using a modern web browser - latest Chrome (version 45 or above), Firefox (version 50 or above), Safari, IE11/Edge - for the optimal user experience. If you are using these modern web browsers and still having trouble with the design tool, please contact the Cup & Carry team.

      • Can I get help designing my cup or bag?

        Our online design tool is designed to be self-service. If you wish to create a more complex design, a template is available to download which offers full design flexibility. You may wish to get a graphic designer to create a full wrap design to upload, or you can create yourself using Illustrator.

      • Can I include anything I want in my design?

        Cup & Carry does not take any responsibility for the content of your design. You should not include offensive material (images or text) in your design and need to ensure your artwork complies with IP laws, particularly relating to trademarks, copyright etc.

      • Why can't I change the font or size of individual words in my text?

        We want your design to look great on cups and bags so we have set some font and size restrictions to the text editing function, however, you can change the colour of individual letters and words.

      • Why won't my image load?

        Your image will not load if it does not meet the image requirements outlined in the upload image window. For Full colour cups and bags, images must be high resolution (but less than 2MB) and they must be either .jpg .png .gif .eps .svg .tif or .jpeg. For Single colour bags the image must have a transparent background and the file size must be less than 2MB and no larger than 2400x2400 pixels.

      • Can I save my images and designs?

        Yes. Once you have set up an Account any images you upload will automatically be saved to your Image Library. You can also save cup and bag designs at any time by selecting Save Design on the Create a Cup or Create a Bag page. You can manage your Image Library and Saved Designs by deleting files that are no longer required. You should not delete images that are used in your Saved Designs.

      • Will I receive a proof of my design before it is printed?

        No. You must check your own artwork and approve to complete the order process. Our website generates a flat proof that you can email or print, as well as an instant 3D rotating proof on the screen. You need to acknowledge your understanding and acceptance of the Print Quality Alert screen as part of the create and checkout process.

      • Can I change my design after I place my order?

        No. Once you have placed your order, you cannot change your design. You are responsible for checking your artwork carefully before you submit your order.

      • Can I re-order the same design?

        Yes. Once you have set up an Account, you can save your design. This can be re-ordered at any time by accessing Saved Designs in the Account section. Once your design is re-activated, it will automatically update the quote to reflect current prices.

      • What type of printing process do you use?

        Our cups are digitally printed in food safe inks, using a four-colour process (CMYK). We use offset lithographic printing for our range of bags.

      • Is the ink used in the printing of the cups safe to drink from.

        Yes. Inks used for printing cups are approved for indirect food contact.

      • Will the colour and print quality of my design be the same when I receive my cups and bags?

        We print according to the artwork provided. Depending on the quality of your image, the paper type you have chosen and the screen you are using, there may be some variation in the colours and print quality of the final product. Our Print Quality Alert provides you with information on likely variations in print colour and quality. You are required to acknowledge your understanding and acceptance of this before placing an order.

    Delivery Information

    • How long will it take until I receive my order?

      Our Full colour cups will be sent from Melbourne in 3 weeks. Full colour bags will be sent from Melbourne in 5 weeks and Single colour bags will be sent from Melbourne in 2 weeks. For a faster delivery option, our range of Ready made cups and bags will be sent from Melbourne in 1 week. You must allow for Australia-wide shipping to your nominated delivery address via StarTrack, using their Express delivery service.  If you have ordered multiple products your orders will be shipped separately to ensure you receive products as soon as possible.

    • How do I calculate transit time?

      The Calculate Transit Time link on the Create a Cup and Create a Bag pages takes you directly to StarTrack's website. On the StarTrack website, simply select Calculate Transit Time from the blue menu, enter "Melbourne" in Sender's Location, enter the suburb or postcode of your nominated delivery address and select the Express service option. Follow the remaining prompts to calculate transit time.

    • How will my products be delivered?

      Your order will be delivered by StarTrack Express. As soon as your products are sent from Melbourne you will receive a link to a StarTrack tracking number which will provide further information.

    • How are the cups and bags packaged?

      Cups and lids are packaged in plastic sleeves and corrugated cartons. Bags are stacked in cartons. 

    • Can I track my order?

      Yes. Your order will be confirmed as soon as payment is received. You will then be notified as soon as your order is sent from Melbourne. This email will contain a link to a StarTrack tracking number which will enable you to track your order.

    • Will Chinese New Year and TET (Vietnam) affect my delivery time?

      Yes. Please allow an additional 1-2 weeks for delivery if you order falls over Chinese New Year (bags only) or TET (cups only).

    • Can I get my order any faster?

      No. Our delivery time is optimised for manufacturing and shipping lead times.

    • Can I split my shipment and get it delivered to different locations?

      No. If you want products shipped to different locations you will need to place them as separate orders. Each order must meet our minimum order requirement for 250 cups or bags.

    • Can I get my products delivered outside of Australia?

      No. At this stage, Cup & Carry only delivers within Australia.