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Cup & Carry’s ‘Creative Series’ was created to promote Creatives of all ages and backgrounds by showcasing their art, photography or designs and providing another avenue for income to support a project, cause or individual. 10% of every sale will go straight back to the Creatives nominated cause.

TABOO is a South Australian brand of period products, with all company profits, education initiatives and advocacy efforts dedicated to eradicating period poverty through systematic and social change. They want menstruation to be understood as a respected and supported human experience that does not suppress anyone’s access to equal opportunity and rights.

In November, TABOO is hosting We Bleed Art Exhibition to explore many different cultural, physical, mental and economical factors that contribute to this unique experience. Alongside interview transcripts, these pieces will be included in a coffee table book designed to honour this natural and vital process in an informative and accessible way. What better way to spread this message than to turn a takeaway coffee cup in into a personal invitation to their art exhibition!? Each order will contain cup sleeves with all three designs. 

10% of every sale will be put towards TABOO's Australian Outreach Program, which distributes pads to those in Australia who can't normally afford or access these products. Each order will contain cup sleeves with all three designs. 


‘Tears are only water that help the flowers grow’ - by Olympia Antoniadis

Olympia Antoniadis is a Visual Artist living and working in Melbourne, Victoria on Wurundjeri land. Olympia has completed a Bachelor of Visual Arts, painting at the Victorian College of Arts in 2015. Her most recent works uncover her personal experience with life, death and the grieving process. Olympia uses flowers as symbols and metaphors to explore the traditional genre of ‘Memento mori’ in a contemporary light.

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A component ofMiddle Pains’; Exploring the twisting of menstrual pain and the natural wonder of menstruation - by Antonia Capoccia

Antonia Capoccia is an Adelaide based Artist, Illustrator and Visual Arts educator. Graduating with a Bachelor of Visual Art from the Adelaide Central School of Art in 2016, Antonia has since been making and exhibiting her art in Adelaide alongside teaching Visual Art for highschool students. Her work focuses on the contrast of realism and abstract, with a strictly vibrant colour palette. She is aesthetically inspired heavily by artworks of the Renaissance and Baroque periods, bringing this well-known imagery into a new context. 

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‘Too Heavy’by Grace Hemming-Price

Grace is a digital artist who paints using an eye gaze computer. Grace has Epilepsy and her menstrual cycle has dramatically increased the frequency and severity of her seizures. Grace paints using an eye gaze computer due to her neurological disability. It’s been life changing to have access to this technology, it has given her the ability to paint and communicate independently, all with her eyes. 


All of Cup & Carry's products are recyclable, compostable or both! This particular paper cup is made with recyclable material and can be recycled via the collection bags provided with every order. 

Our custom printed cups are printed with vegan inks.


Product Details:
Diameter: 80mm
Volume: 240ml

Diameter: 89mm
Volume: 360ml

Packing Details:
Delivered in Cartons of 500 units.
Internal Packaging is 10 sleeves of 50 units.
Carton Dimensions are 505mm L x 175mm W x 425mm H.
Carton Weight is 3.6 kgs.

Delivered in Cartons of 500 units.
Internal Packaging is 10 sleeves of 50 units.
Carton Dimensions are 495mm L x 195mm W x 475mm H.
Carton Weight is 8.5 kgs.